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This is my experience report on the processes and dealings with applicants and employees of the Board Association German Primary School in Changchun.


Chronological process of application, interview and contract acceptance

10/07/2020 Receipt of job advertisement by Ms. KC

14/07/2020 Invitation to interview via Skype by Ms. PS

20/07/2020 Interview via Skype with Ms. PS (Communications Director) and Mr. PS (1st Chairperson)

22/07/2020 Acceptance on my part

23/07/2020 Receipt of the employment contract version 1 by e-mail from Ms. MB (Assistant to the Executive Board)

27/07/2002 Receipt of employment contract version 2 by mail from Ms. MB Return of contract signed by me


Chronological sequence of visa application, visa receipt and arrival in China

06/08/2020 Update to PS on visa application status

06/08/2020 Contact by me to Ms. RD (administrative employee of the German primary school, responsible for visas, among other things), reply by Ms. RD with list of required documents

07/08/2020 Request by me for "Invitation Letter" to Ms. RD, answer to questions and provision of all required documents

13/08/2020 Renewed request by me for work permit, question about PU letter and invitation letter

19/08/2020 Reply from Ms. RD: Recommendation not to apply for a Z visa, work permit will be applied for in parallel, with the colour scans sent, visa will be converted on site

21/08/2020 Sent approach plan to Ms. RD, question about security of work permit, notification of planned commencement of work: 02/11/2020

25/08/2020 Response by Ms. RD: Notification receipt of work permit not possible until 10/10/20

15/09/2020 Update status to Ms. RD, question again about conversion on spot from S visa to work permit, possible start of work brought forward by me to 28/10/20

18/09/2020 Reply by Ms. RD: Confirmation of conversion to work permit with S visa

18/09/2020 Parallel application for IT access by Ms. MB to Mr. BT(IT)

27/09/2020 Sending S2 visa to Ms. RD, enquiring if this could affect the process.

28/09/2020 Receipt of service laptop in Germany, sent by Ms. MB

29/09/2020 Reply from Ms. RD: sending of holidays in China

29/09/2020 Briefing of duty laptop by Ms. MB

01/10/2020 Dispatch of invitation to board meeting by me

06/10/2020 Arrival in China


Chronological process Arrival in Changchun, arrival at school, application for account

08/10/2020 Photo of visa sent to Ms. RD

21/10/2020 First visit to German primary school in Changchun

22/10/2020 Hand in original documents to Ms. RD

26/10/2020 Enquiry on my part about the status of the application to Ms. RD

26/10/2020 Answer from Ms. RD: Health certificate accepted

02/11/2020 Enquiry on my part about the status of the application to Ms. RD

02/11/2020 Answer from Ms. RD: Health certificate accepted, everything OK, processing time approx. 20 days

02/11/2020 Communication from Ms. YJ (head of administration at primary school): higher priority for processing in the work permit process.

05/11/2020 Application for an account by the school, Miss J, CAIS

05/11/2020 Sign original contract in school CAIS, Miss LL


Chronological process Start of work, cancellation of work permit

01/11/2020 Enquiry by Ms. DSK (2nd chairperson) when work can begin

03/11/2020 Telephone call with Ms. YJ, enquiry about starting work

03/11/2020 Confirmation by Mr. PS about starting work, agreement: hours are written down, 1 day a week (7 hours)

05/11/2020 Renewed enquiry by Ms. DSK as to when work will officially begin

23/11/2020 Notification by Ms. RD that issuance of work permit is not optimistic, in possession of this information since 18/11/2020

24/11/2020 Notification by Mr. PS that work permit has not been issued with request to work from home.

25/11/2020 Enquiry to Ms. RD: Which authority processed my application, is there a reason?

26/11/2020 Answer Ms. RD: she does not give out contacts and information.

27/11/2020 Call Ms. DSK: request by her for me to come out of the ministry and shut up (note from me: I was at home)

29/11/2020 Request by Ms. RD to hand in the school laptop.

30/11/2020 Communication from Ms. RD: she and Ms. YJ have taken over my duties

30/11/2020 Phone call with Mr. PS: the laptop is to stay with me, assurance of reimbursement of my accrued costs 

03/12/2020 Telephone call Mr. PS. Laptop should go to school, assurance to finalise my request in board meeting, reimbursement of my expenses, mail to Mr. PS listing my expenses

04/12/2020 Drop off of laptop by me. 

14/12/2020 Attempt on my part to reach Mr. PS, without result

21/12/2020 Attempt on my part to reach Mr. PS, without result

26/12/2020 Message to Mr. PS, content: status reimbursement expenses, reference to contract contents, copy to Ms. DSK.

26/12/2020 Copy to Ms. DSK not accepted by recipient, Ms DSK- blocked me on WeChat.
26/12/2020 Message to Mr. PF (school headmaster) with copy and request to forward to Ms. DSK, no reply.

27/12/2020 Message to Ms. YJ with copy and request to forward to Ms. DSK, reply: after holidays.


Other items:

11/12/2020 WeChat group DISC leaders group: appointment of Ms. DSK as admin by Mr. PS, removal from group by Ms. DSK 8min later.
09/12/2020 WeChat Group DISC Finance: Removal by Mr. OS (Chief Financial Officer)

09/12/2020 WeChat group finance taskforce: removal by Mr. OS

02/01/2021 WeChat group DISC Administration: removal by Ms. RS

In the meantime, the individual board positions have been reallocated or filled.

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