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Lombok and Bali with Seawolf Gangerl

Although we were both in poor health, we went on the boat of Wolfgang Clemens on Sunday.

(If you don't know who that is, have a look here -> )

We met Gangerl on the boat before we left for China and I have since read all his books. He writes wonderfully, wittily and sometimes frighteningly about all his adventures. Of course, we couldn't miss out on so many years of sailing experience and signed on with the gang.

I was already at the pier in the morning, Denny took advantage of the late check out at the hotel and groomed himself a bit more.

After our crew was complete, Gangerl, Denny, me and another Denny :) we went shopping. Everything we needed for the next few days went into the shopping trolley and was later stowed in the boat.

The next morning we checked in with the harbour master and set anchor towards Lombok.

With a lot of current against us, we made it to Nusa Lemborgan on the first day and stopped in a bay for the night. My Denny supplied us with noodles and drinks during the crossing, I didn't venture down. All that rocking was pretty hard on my stomach. But I didn't have to feed the fish, I preferred to go to sleep.

The next day started quite early, our bay was probably the entry lane for the excursion boats that had to collect their tourists on time.

On to Nusa Penida for a snochel stop and then off to Lombok. For lack of anchorage or mooring, we sailed into the night.

What a thrill it was! All the funny feeling in my stomach was blown away. The sunset was spectacular, the colours glowing in the sky, fading in the water. Plus the colourful lights, one after the other coming on ashore. The sea turns from dark blue to black, you can no longer see the incoming waves, only feel the boat being lifted. Later, the first stars become visible, an hour later I have seen more stars than ever before in my life. You feel small and at the same time you are intoxicated that you can experience something like that.

We arrived around midnight. After a very exciting entry into an unlit fishing facility (nothing was broken/ on either side), we drop anchor and fall into our bunks.

In our new video you can explore the small islands in the west of Lombok with us.

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Anja & Denny

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