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we are Anja and Denny.  

We got to know each other in autumn 2014. We agreed that we could like each other for longer, six months later.  And today we're even married!


We both grew up in Potsdam and could have run into each other much earlier. We were at the same comprehensive school and also at the harbor we could have met.. We find out all of this later  ;)

After we met in 2014, we taught each other our hobbies. Denny, Anja kiting and Anja, Denny dancing.  

We are always a lot on the road and outside. We spent the first holidays together in Denmark (Bork Havn), Turkey (Side) and on the Baltic Sea (Swinoujscie, Trempt, Rügen, ...). At our first Kite & Sail on the Hendrika Bartels , a three-masted gaff top sail schooner, the idea of organizing it ourselves took root in us.  

However, a few years should pass before implementation. And there were also other kite spots on our bucket list.  

Egypt was the next destination. El Gouna, Hamata, Soma Bay and Seahorse Bay. Whereby we prefer to be in El Gouna at KBC .  

Our project to start our own Kite & Sail took on more and more shape in 2017. We had already chosen the area and our crew was also fixed in the meantime.  

With 9 people we flew to Sardinia in September 2018. 9x suitcases, 9x hand luggage and kite equipment for 9 people had to be brought along somehow. In total we had almost 400 !! Kilograms to transport!  

You can watch the whole adventure here.


But of course we don't always have vacation, we also have to go to work. Our free time we align nevertheless or because of it? almost always that we can be outside and on the way.


Because it is so far from Braunschweig to the water and the Steinhuder Meer is always so crowded, we had to have our own home spot!  

On the initiative of the Harz Kiteschool and in cooperation with Seeland GmbH, the

Water sports association Seeland Harz eV

was founded. The Concordia Lake in Seeland was the chosen spot. With about 8 meters of visibility depth, plenty of space on the water and only 1 hour drive from Braunschweig. As a founding member Denny was elected to the board to represent the sailing division. Work was organized, the club area was made accessible, a website was created and already in the first year a team regatta was organized.

Kitesurfing, stand up paddling, sailing, wing foiling, ... almost all water sports are possible here - in compliance with safety regulations. 

Already in the first year the association could register a 2-digit member increase. In the meantime there are almost 100 members. Apparently, the idea of a Central German kitespot has hit the mark.

After only 1.5 years of association work we went to China.

What we experience here and how we find our way in the land of the middle, you can read in our blog.

The plan is to stay here for three years. We will return in 2023. And like almost all expats (these are professionals sent abroad by a company), we are here with a purpose. Of course, besides the experience abroad, the adventures and culture. 

Our goal is a boat. And MEA FORTUNA - my happiness, it will be called then.

Anja & Denny

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