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About Denny

What should I tell about myself? I am simply me.


Just like Anja, I was born and raised in Potsdam. But that doesn't mean

that we already knew each other as children.

I have a younger brother, Sebastian. I always had to take care of Basti,

so that he doesn’t make any nonsense. And he was my best playmate.

Actually, our family has always had a boat. I can't remember a time

I can't remember a time when it didn't. And the bigger we kids got, the bigger the boats

the bigger the boats got.

My school years were not particularly exciting. I always found the weather outside

the weather outside. My place at the window was always very well

for observing the weather. So I could follow the lessons with half an ear and otherwise

and otherwise let my thoughts run free.


When I was 16 I bought my first own boat, a Hille 400. And in order to be allowed to drive it officially, I had to quickly get my boating license.. I then repainted the outside of my boat, installed a great music system and sewn new upholstery. Then my water ski mobile was ready.  In the meantime I built my first wakeboard myself. From a wooden plate and GFK. You could ride it and it was indestructible. But it was also really heavy...

In the summer vacations we were on the way with our boats on really every waterway in Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg Vorpommern. With our Dinghi, rowing boat with sail, I started my first sailing attempts.

My uncle Bernd found a windsurfing board during a clean-up operation in his garage. A DDR Delta board. Great board. But it never went in the direction I wanted at the beginning. At some point it was too stupid for me and I just stood on it, without a rig, and started paddling. So I invented stand-up paddling ;) Later we found out how it works with a rig as well. Dad and I then took turns surfing.

​I also took part in motor sports. But not motorcycle, rather inflatable boat slalom. Here you have to drive a course in a certain time. I almost made it to the European championship. I wish I hadn't forgotten my life jacket during the qualifying run, because it was mandatory. Damn.

Sometime between high school and the army I bought my first kite on Ebay. That was a 2005 Cabrinha CO2 in 17m². As an old windsurfing, it can't be that difficult with the 4 lines. When you go windsurfing, you always have so much stuff around with you. Rig, board, mast ... Kitesurfing should bring relief.

The first thing we did was start the thing in the field. (Wasn't a one-pump, by the way) Result: Well... the steering was strange and my feeling for the kite wasn't really there yet. But it can't be my fault, either the material or the wind. The thought that a classic C-Kite was not necessarily beginner-friendly at that time did not occur to me, so it can only and exclusively have been due to the lack of wind! Second try in the water with more wind. Still did not work. I never really rode the Cabrinha.

My girlfriend at the time was worried that I might kill myself in one of my attempts. So she gave me a test course in Schillig.

Natural talent and full professional that I was, I drove my first meters straight away and got my kite license. Training material F-One Bandit 1 in 13m². (maybe it was the material and not the wind at all ...)

My next kite was a F-One Tribal in 13m². With that I finally got on the board at home. I have occupied my whole family with my hobby. Grandpa and Dad kept me in the water and my mom put the board on my feet. Finally it was possible in Potsdam too. And not only on the water, but also on snow and in the meadow.


In 2007 I started my dual studies in Wolfenbüttel. Mechanical engineering. I've always enjoyed screwing, tinkering and optimizing, and now I've even got money for it. Top!

During my student days, I briefly joined a beating club.

But didn't find it as exciting as actually thought. Between beer parties and exam learning to duel with others, I took the time for things that I would much rather do. For a winter semester, when it's not that great outside anyway, you could keep yourself busy in the basement vaults, in summer I preferred to be outside and by the water than to attend the (mandatory) events of the association and to witness the life of the union.


While I was still at university, I finally got my sailing license. It was long overdue since the dinghy sailing. Together with a friend we sailed our pirate and other sail boats on the Südsee in Braunschweig and even capsized. Once we had to be rescued from the motorboat because the "Verklicker" got stuck in the mud and we couldn't get it free. Not even when we were both hanging on the centerboard...

Capsize training? Done!


While I was still adding a master's degree to my bachelor's degree, our kite and water sports community in Braunschweig and the surrounding area grow bigger and bigger. We started a Facebook and WhatsApp group, meet for regulars table and have organized tours to Denmark. First always on May 1st, but later on Gentlemen's Day. It's still quite fresh in Denmark at the beginning of May!


The next boat I bought was a Mariah. She was moored was in the harbor in Potsdam, the same one where my parents also have their boat and where all our boats were always moored. During weekend visits, when I lived, studied and worked in Braunschweig, I optimized the Mariah. A bathing platform designed, built and assembled, high beam retrofitted and a good music system was standard anyway. I enjoy working, optimizing and designing things according to my ideas. That's why mechanical engineering too ;)

And during one of these home visits I met Anja. She turned my whole life upside down (in a good way). She takes care of me and gets the shell pieces out of my foot that I kicked in because I don't listen to her and put on shoes... maybe I should? Oh nooo.

Anyway, she's my best buddy!

And she didn't hesitate when my employer made me the offer with China.


Sport boat license
Inland & Sailing
Sport boat license sea
Radio license SRC / UBI
Stand Up Paddle Trainer


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