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Changchun in lockdown

There are barely any people on the road. Almost no cars are driving.

It is quiet in Changchun.

Snow has been falling continuously since last week Friday.

And since March 11, the city has been in lockdown.

At noon on Friday, we received the following message via our Chinese WhatsApp:








Translated, that means something like:

In view of the recent occurrence of multiple confirmed cases of new crown in our city, to effectively control the spread of the epidemic, the municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters decided to start three rounds of nucleic acid testing within the city. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I. Government offices work from home, and enterprises and public institutions shall cease operation. In addition to those involved in epidemic prevention work, the city's all administrative units of all staff home office; Except for the key enterprises and public service enterprises to ensure the people's livelihood, all enterprises shall be closed down; Except for supermarkets, pharmacies and medical institutions with special needs to ensure the basic needs of citizens, all other business stores will be closed down; Schools were closed, buses, taxis and subways were suspended.

II. Stop all non-essential movements. The city's residential districts (villages) and units implement closed management. One person from each family will go out to purchase necessary living materials every 2 days. Residents with special access needs will be strictly controlled by the community (village). The above two categories of personnel need to hold the access card, and the access cards will be issued by the communities (villages) where they live. Public security officers, medical personnel and other necessary mobile personnel should hold relevant certificates or certificates issued by the epidemic prevention and control headquarters.

III. Complete nucleic acid testing with high quality. The nucleic acid test requirements should be checked will be checked, not falling one person. Please pay close attention to the nucleic acid testing time in this area, attend nucleic acid test on time according to the notice and do personal protection work as required, and return home immediately after the test.

This notice from the date of the implementation of the release of closed management time notice, thank the general public support with!

Changchun Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters

11 March 2022

There were no further announcements for the time being.

Since about 2 weeks the province Jilin registers more and more cases. Thus, the city of Changchun has decided to test all 9 million inhabitants every two days. In total 5x. Makes 45 million tests within 10 days.

A logistical and organizational masterpiece, I think.

However, you will probably only be notified if you have been tested positive ;)

Image 1: Risk areas on March 7

Image 2: Risk areas on March 9

Image 3: Individual cases in Changchun on March 8

On Wednesday (March 9) we were tested for the first time at Denny's work. And since the weekend we go regularly to the compound test.

Image 1: One tube for 10 test strips

Image 2: Waiting in line for the compound test

What are we allowed to do and what not?

We are allowed to take walks within our residential area.

One person per household is allowed to leave the compound every two days for shopping.

Denny works out of the home office for the time being, but has been given an exit permit.

All non-essential trips are to be avoided.

All persons who are not engaged in system-relevant employment are to stay away from work. (This includes parcel shipping, for example; no parcels are being sent at this time.)

Jilin Province has banned residents from leaving the province. (March 14)

Other reports we are being sent: (whether the numbers are verified I cannot say, nor are we told if these are new or total numbers)

March 13 42 cases in Changchun

March 14 463 cases in Changchun

March 15 393 cases in Changchun

March 17 595 cases in Changchun

March 14 Inner Mongolia sends a plane with 88 doctors and 2080kg of medical supplies to Changchun.

March 14 Jiangxi sends a plane with 104 staff and 3417kg of medical supplies to Changchun.

A total of 9 planes are expected to arrive.

This all sounds quite dramatic, but it is not.

95% of all cases have a mild course. In the whole Jilin province there were 8201 cases on Tuesday (March 15). Among them there are 2 critical and 2 severe cases in hospital.

Should you have read the article of the Bild of March 12 (or not, then here as a reminder) everything is written much worse than it really is. ;)

The Bild newspaper must also remain true to itself

Overall, we are doing well in lockdown. We get all the food we want to eat, we take walks in our compound and we don't feel locked in.

In the German village the sidewalks were disinfected, here in Upuptown not. We spend a quiet and relaxed time.

The situation is different in Shanghai.

There, several residential areas and individual blocks of houses are closed, no one can get in or out. A few professionals have also been affected and have to serve their quarantine time at work.


Anja & Denny

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