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Summer in Changchun

Current Corona situation in China

In the meantime, Corona has arrived in China again.

No one knows exactly how and why, but most suspect that it was reintroduced by travellers. Although everyone is actually put into quarantine first....

For most of the time, the numbers in China have been around 0-10 cases per day, in the WHOLE country!

Now there are more (100 per day) and the alarm is clear again.

Here in Changchun, you go shopping with a mask again and have to show your green QR code at every corner. Ours looks like this:

In addition, kindergartens are closed and some Chinese schools have also told parents that they are not allowed to leave the city. If the parents of school-age children do leave the city, the children are excluded from lessons.

Flying is again often only possible with a valid PCR test, and if you have had the misfortune to have been in a city in a certain period of time where corona cases occurred after your stay there, you are also put into quarantine for the time being.

If you leave the country, you have to stay in quarantine for at least 2 weeks. And each province also decides for itself whether this quarantine has to be extended or not. Our province of Jilin currently adds one week of hotel quarantine and one week of home quarantine to the mandatory 2 weeks. In total, that's 4 weeks of being locked up.

And even if you leave your province, there could be a quarantine. (However, this information has not been confirmed by official sources).

So our holiday plans have been cancelled for the time being. Be it inside or outside China. We will stay in our province for now.

We cannot yet say whether we will make it to Germany in autumn. If we stay in quarantine for 4 weeks, we will stay in China. If not, we will decide at short notice.

Summer and trips

By the way, this is what it looks like at the kite lake when Denny is on the water.

Nevertheless, we have quite a good summer here.

Every now and then there is wind and we can go to our kite lake. Or go on a longer trip at the weekend. After we went to the lake last time, we had to put our big camera in rice. Denny stood in the water and took photos, I almost jumped on him, so he preferred to dive down with his camera...

Unfortunately, it doesn't work anymore after spending the night in the rice pot...

Little by little, we discover more and more opportunities to do water sports in the surrounding area. We have already been wakeboarding. However, there are no water ski facilities here like at home, but there is a jet ski. It pulls you across the lake. Unfortunately, it doesn't make a big wave, but it's enough for a bit of fun.

We have already told you about the big lake in the north. There, where we were asked to go down by motorboat. This time we went when there was wind. Of course, we asked the Chinese kite group in advance if kiting was allowed there. And indeed, the Kite Club container was at the spot once. However, the guys couldn't tell us exactly whether it is still allowed today or not. So we tried it out.

The end result: take a look for yourselves...

At the end of the day, we did find a corner where we could go out on the water undisturbed, but there was not much wind.

We noticed that many Chinese like to camp. Everywhere, be it in the city or in the nearby recreation area, they set up small tents and hammocks. There they spend their free time together with friends and/or family.

Unlike in Germany, camping is allowed everywhere in China.

The Chinese wedding

The wedding was quite impressive. Especially the decorations. I don't know how many fabric flowers were in the room, but it was definitely a lot.

Unfortunately, the whole event only lasted about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Including food.

I don't really need to write a short version because it was really SHORT:

The bride came down a flight of stairs, was met by (I think) her mother and draped with a veil. Then the groom came, lifted the veil and the couple walked to the front of the stage. Behind a soft curtain, so that the laser show could be seen better, the couple then exchanged their vows of fidelity. Afterwards, the parents of the couple came on stage, photos were taken and ready, lights on! The waiters brought the food and after the first guests were full they got up and left.

Since everything is eaten with chopsticks, it takes a waiter to cut up the chicken at the table.

The couple came to the individual tables to toast with their guests, but the first tables were already empty.

After about 1.5 hours, we were almost the last to leave the hall. And it was a big hall. The couple must have had 200 guests. Unfortunately, there was no dancing.

But even in this short time the bride changed her clothes. White for the ceremony and red for the non-official part. Red is supposed to bring luck. :)

At the hospital

We also visited the hospital once now. We were there for a routine check-up of Denny. After our visit there, everything is fine by the way, we both agreed that we don't want to have a serious illness or emergency here.

In any case, we are determined to stay healthy.

From the section "Does anyone understand the Chinese?

During our last visit, another driver drove his car into the lake to wash it. Even Denny couldn't believe his eyes:

And a classic. Many Chinese have really interesting taste in fashion: the picture was taken at the post office.


Anja & Denny

PS: Und wer schon immer mal wissen wollte, wie es bei uns so aussieht, darf sich das Video anschauen:

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