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The Most Expensive Sticker of Our Lives and Goodbye I, II & III

At the end of September, Denny and I went to Hamburg to apply for our visas. Denny is really precise about such things and sent our documents to the visa service in advance. We were told: "Everything fits; the date for 24 September is set".

We drove to Hamburg in joyful expectation and had already arranged to meet in Potsdam in the afternoon. A sticker like that can't take that long...

Conclusion of a loooong day: we had to fill out the application again (it said Berlin and not Hamburg), we didn't get the visas we had applied for (there are different levels) and instead of finishing at noon, we couldn't leave for Potsdam until around 5 pm. But we still had the (gold-plated) sticker in our passport for €350.

What a thrill.

Our goodbye to the Association and Lake Concordia

On 19 September the time had come. Our last visit for the time being to our home spot, which we had become very familiar with last year, the Wassersportverein Seeland Harz e.V. with all its facets and members <3

A last trip with the club sailboat Shaun together with our sailing student, who has been enthusiastic about sailing since a capsize caused by Denny in his youthful recklessness; a last time out with the rescue boat and supporting Martin in his hydrofoil progress, in which Denny briefly swapped the boat for Martin's kite and board and guided the setup back to windward for him. So, even without setting up our own equipment, we still managed to have one last kite session. The weather was perfect, so that some club members and friends spent this great day with us at the lake, not least to bid us farewell with many congratulations. We had organised beer and called for a farewell meeting at the lake. We wanted to sit together with friends in a cosy atmosphere.

The initiative and your enthusiasm moved us a lot. There was enough barbecue food, Enrico organised and realised a screen for the presentation of memories from the lake and also past adventures, so that we had an open-air cinema at the association without further ado. Thomas and Diana presented a photo collage with all their signatures, and Hagen gave a speech. The night ended at the campfire. Thank you very much for a great day,

We love you!!! We wish you all the best for the future and always a hand's breadth of water under your keel, fin or foil. See you soon, definitely next year in April 1 or 2 days during our home holiday as guests with you.

Goodbye from Potsdam

First we went to Anja's family. André and Searun cooked for us and Ute was there too. We had a really great evening. The next day we visited Denny's grandma Eveline. And were really busy again. To surprise Grandpa Gernot when he comes home from the hospital, Grandma renovated the entrance hall. We helped with the last detail, the floor. The morning was over really quickly with the laying of the floor. (The hallway looks great, by the way)

Then we picked up Gabriel from school and went to Gabi and Thomas (Denny's parents) on the boat. Here we were able to enjoy the last rays of sunshine before the day was over again. The next morning, we had a quick breakfast and dropped Gabriel off at his dad's again, then we had to go on to the ->

Goodbye from Braunschweig

Although we arrived in Braunschweig only 2 minutes before the start, we still had time to make the last preparations. We got fresh bread and prepared the small buffet. There was fresh bread and a few dips. Basti contributed some salmon wraps and Marco even baked a cake o_O

Thanks a lot to all of you for the flowers, the good wishes, the little things and surprises. Unfortunately, there is not enough space in our suitcases to take each of you with us ;) but we would!

After this farewell marathon we still had a week to pack the remaining things into our 6 suitcases, settle the last wedding issues, organise flat things, hand over the keys, distribute our cars -who still needs a super Lupo, it's still available-, fill Ebay ;) do the last dance lesson, change or cancel contracts, clean up the basement and on Sunday get the rental car for the drive to Frankfurt.

The last farewell to Kedi was very emotional.

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