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Lockdown Week 3

We have reached Lockdown week 3.

The snow has melted, there is almost nothing left to fix in our home and we have stopped counting how many times we have been tested by now....

We are still allowed to walk freely in the residential area, but we are no longer allowed to leave it. The small supermarket is also closed, but delivers the ordered food to the door. We now order by mobile phone.

The big supermarket "Walmart" is completely empty and fresh fruit and vegetables are difficult to get. It's not that there aren't various offers, but most of the time the order is followed by the message: "Sorry, we're already sold out".

But that's not so bad. We are very well looked after by the housing agency and supported when ordering. We don't have to go hungry or thirsty, we don't feel deprived, we are relaxed and happy to have such a nice big home.

Last week, the testers even found a case in our compound. They really did a thorough search. They need a sense of achievement ;) Every two days they have to line up in front of the house to test.

We are always negative. That's a good thing, because an friend told us that whether you have symptoms or not, if you test positive, you go to hospital or Central Quarantine.

Not much happens here during the days. The most exciting days are actually the days when we are called out for testing, via megaphone of course :)


Anja & Denny

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