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Changchun 365

We have been in Changchun for a year now.

We have experienced a lot and a lot has happened. With you, with us.

In the first year, we also had to say goodbye to our first friends from Changchun. They have finished their time here in Changchun.

For us it is still two years. So we have already completed 1/3. Now it will be autumn. And when winter is over, it will be half-time.

In the meantime, I've also arrived here somehow, after a really stupid start here for me. For those who are interested, I have attached my experience report with the school here below. Of course I left out the names ;) Those who are not interested can read on.

In the meantime, however, I've gradually got a few girls doing sport with and at me. And I also have a few more plans to keep me busy here. I am entitled to the accompaniment budget, so I can attend one or two further training courses.

In mid-September, there is the Mid Autumn Festival here in China. Since it's not really cold at that time, it's still good to travel with the roof tent. We went to Dalian with a family friend who had rented a camper. It's about 6 hours by car from Changchun in the south and by the sea.

There is a highway that was built across the water, through the whole bay. Otherwise, we always prefer to travel outside of cities. What is very exciting is the large tidal range. More than 2 metres difference. As soon as the water is gone, the residents and/or holidaymakers come and pick away the mussels that grow on the stones that are no longer washed by the water. Or they catch crabs and shrimps.

The second half of the long weekend was stormy, rainy and with really high waves.

Overnight, it shredded all the sunshades on the beach. And they were not made of plastic, but very stable ones.

At the end of the summer, I found a praying mantis on my trousers in our garden when I was taking off the laundry. It was about as big as my hand. And whenever I moved, it turned its head. I then carried it off our terrace into the countryside.

Now in mid-October we have autumn here for about two weeks. Autumn and spring are always very short here. Within two weeks all the trees have either got all their leaves or lost them. Then it's winter. One morning we even had the first snowflakes in town. But they didn't stay. Denny is already looking forward to winter and snowkiting and I am already thinking about what to wear so that I don't freeze...

Last weekend we had another party highlight. The Oktoberfest. Those of you who know us a little better know that this is always a very special event for Denny and me, as it was the first time we met at an Oktoberfest. Organised and run by the expats living here, it took place in the German brewery. Over 200 people with great music and food. Denny and I didn't get home until midnight.

Have I settled in during my year in China?

I would say that I've already got used to some things, but definitely not the food. But there are also enough things that always upset me.

Dealing with rubbish is really a red rag for me. Since about the middle of the year, for example, we've had two rubbish bins. One for kitchen waste, one for the rest. It's written on it. Even with pictures, for those who can't read the Chinese characters. For me, that is. I understand the pictures and since the second bin has been there, we've been sorting diligently. We always put cardboard and glass in front of the bins anyway, because there are paper and glass collectors here in the compound. But apparently there are people here who can neither read nor interpret pictures. Just about EVERYTHING ends up in the food waste bin!

In addition, everything that can be bought is double and triple packed here. The picture shows the packaging for one (1!) Camenbert...

What also annoys me is the endless and never-ending jabbering of the Chinese. Yes, even women have mastered this to perfection. They rattle and grunt whatever they can get out of their throat, nose or wherever else they can get it from, and then spit diligently into the street or into a bucket in the restaurant/supermarket.

Especially when it's warm and you want to sleep with the window open, this noise is disgusting. And no, it doesn't get better if you hear it longer or more often.

But there are also things that I find really innovative. These kangaroo deliveries (the app has a kangaroo picture) are really great. Ice cream to the beach, bouquet of flowers and dinner to the front door, medication to work... Everything that can be ordered in this app is delivered to the desired location. And that's independent of the shop/delivery ratio.

Many greetings to you, Anja

Here you can find the report.

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